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Using the New Pictures With Passion Website to Sell Your Photos

As you know, I have changed the look and workings of the Pictures With Passion website. I have had a few people tell me that they need help understanding how to use the platform to sell their photos. So as promised, I am making new screenshots to explain how to use the website.

This is the first page you visit when you go to the website which is the homepage. Below the title, Pictures With Passion you see the website links or pages that you can click to go to other pages. There, look for the login link and click it then enter your login information.

The next page is what you see after you login.

After you have logged in you need to click the Vendor Dashboard link. You will see this page.

The next thing you need to do is click the Add New Product link under where is says Vendor Dashboard Shown here:

Then you will see this page where you will be uploading your photos to become your sales products.

First at the top of the page, under Add New Product give your product a name. After that you will click the link below it to Add media.

When you click the link you will see your media library where you can upload and store the photos you will sell.

You should go ahead and click the product image link before uploading as this will save time later.

After you click Select Files you will be seeing the common files folder for Windows if you use Windows PC or whatever computer operating system you use.

Select the photo that you want to add that matches the product you named. I will upload a picture of a mag wheel I designed in 3D Autodesk Fusion 360.

Now you need to use your Search Engine Optimization skills to label and set the caption of the picture. That will help the search engines find your photos providing you describe them well. Circled in black is your set product image button. After you are through filling out your photo information click the button. If you select the wrong picture the delete permanently will reset the Product image and you can select from your computer again.

The next thing you need to do is click Virtual and Downloadable to set the system for your photo to be able to be downloaded.

That will add the add file box below Sale Price where you will add the file to allow your customers to download the photo and also name the file for them in their customer collection on the website.

Go ahead and price your photos then click the add file button in the third box down to name the download and make the file downloadable like so.

Name your file and add your image to download

Now you have your photo ready for download and you are ready to add your product tags which describe the product and add your categories so that when people search for something they can find it as the website gets more products which are circled in blue. The top circle in green is the final button to push which will publish to the website.

That is the way to use the website to add your photos. If you have any questions contact

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