Using Pictures With Passion for Vendors- Third Go Around

When you arrive at the URL you will see a new layout which will have a picture change soon I hope. Since I have had so many problems with the website I am offering to pay up to $20 for a photo for the homepage slider as an incentive to get all of you photographers to upload your photos. I am looking for a nature or sunset photo but you never know what will enlighten me to showcase on the website.

ScreenShot 1:

This is the homepage or shop page now and to be honest I don’t think it gives the site a good greeting. I am looking for your artwork since this is a community of artists, I think that it should have an artist appeal. Some of you came for the information on how to use the website. So let me get to it!

You will see [My Account] in the links bar on the website. Click there:

ScreenShot 2:

When you click the [My Account] link you will be directed to the login page where you will sign up for an account or login. If you are an existing vendor use your username and password to login on the left. If you are looking to become a vendor sign up on the right. 

ScreenShot 3:

After you sign in you, you will see this page:

ScreenShot 4:

This is a little different but you should get a better understanding of how to use the website and set up your account with this wizard. Now click the Let’s Go button.

You will come to this page.

ScreenShot 5:

Here, your store name and your contact information are asked for. Fill it in and click continue.

ScreenShot 6:

On this page you will select the default and accept PayPal Payout as your payment method.

ScreenShot 7:

You are about done with this process. From here you can visit the dashboard, configure your payment information which should be to add your PayPal email. You can also go to the Store customization page. First we will add the Payment information.

After you put in your PayPal email address from this page you can add a product from the Add Product link at the top of this page next to the picture of the box.

First you will select a category for the photo. Then come to the next step where you will give your product a Title, a description, and upload the product picture.

After doing so, you can scroll to the button of the page and on the right you will have a checkbox for Downloadable. Check it and the button to upload the photo for download will appear. 

THat should get you to where you can list your products. Have a blessed day!

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