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Welcome to Pictures With Passion. We Hope You Find Something You Like.

This website is new to all of you, but I hope you find it interesting enough to join as an selling artist or a customer. I am now getting the word out about Pictures With Passion and will be doing that from now on. That is part of running a website. As you visit and hopefully share the link to this our website, we hope you like what you see and even purchase from us. Pictures With Passion was designed as a community effort to sell art while some of the profits go to get the word out.

I will be able to update the blog between April 14-20 of 2021. I will be able to take screen shots then and post a new blog about how to upload and price photos. The main part of the second blog post on this site tells how to do it, but I was using a different layout then. Still it is basically the same, if you have problems you can email me. My email is and is at the top of the page of the website. Speaking for the small community of artist we have now, we hope that you bookmark our page and return often to see new pictures other artists’ work!

What are the benefits as a selling photographer or artist you ask? We are building a strong community where the Vendors (artists and photographers) get 80% of the sell and the website gets 20% to go to upkeep and advertising. As part of the Vendor community we ask that you share your Pictures With Passion profile on your social media sites to help bring traffic to your work. That way you have your family and friends sharing links to your work. If you have any questions, please ask.

I run another blog, at Network Solutions 4 You so I hope to bring some traffic from it to Pictures With Passion. I pray all of you have a blessed Easter holiday and if you celebrate Easter, please remember the pain and love that brought it about. The resurrection that we must be concerned with is yet to come, but at the same time, not too far away! Have a lovely day and I hope you find it worth a thousand pictures.

Below is the picture of the month!

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Are You looking for Where to Sell Your Photos? Do You Need Help Selling Your Photography and Artwork? You Can Sell Your Photos and Artwork on the Pictures With Passion Website!

Welcome to the blog for the Pictures With Passion Website. We are glad to say that most of the kinks are out of the website and we have had our first sale! Recently we had our first photographer post some of her work and that was the first milestone. We have now reached the second milestone of having a sale. What will be the next milestone? What do you want out of the website? I am going to advertise the website in the next few days with hoping to get more photographers and artist on board and some sales as well.

If you are looking for a place to sell your artwork and photography then you are in the right place. We are looking for you and hoping you will jump on board with us. Pictures With Passion was started so that the photographer that no one knows can have a shot at selling their artwork. Maybe you draw and would like to sell your artwork on the site. You know, some artist are “found” that way. Just scan your drawings and upload them as a jpg, or png, then price them to sell. Right now, people are looking for doodle art for websites, short books, and they will hire the artist for more work later. Maybe you want to sell a group of pictures that tell a story. Those opportunities for photographers and artists are why Pictures With Passion came to be.

Pictures With Passion was thought up by my niece, which after I designed and got the website up and running, has still not uploaded any pictures. But, as I explained to her and now explain to you, the Pictures With Passion website is a chance for the community of photographers to help each other make money. I take a percentage of the sales and use that to market the website URL That marketing brings in more sales and more members for a the community to help bare the burden of getting sales.

Looking to market just your pictures? Create and share links to your storefront. Vendors can have a profile that helps them market and sell not only their work but themselves. In marketing any product, it comes around to how well you can sell yourself. Here on Pictures With Passion you have that shot. The best thing about doing it here, your artwork is right there so your portfolio will show more of your work and be less burdened by your flaws. So join the tribe here at Pictures With Passion and learn as we go to market your work and yourself as well.

Where do I start you ask? I am looking ways to share your artwork on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, I am trying to add share links so that you can share links from your profile on Pictures With Passion to your profile on your social media accounts. That is part of marketing as over time I will explain. Just about all job seekers and entrepreneurs have to have social media to make it these days. More on that in the next post. Everyone have a blessed week and I will try to post again soon the results of the marketing of the website. If you have any ideas to help me help you make sales please comment below!

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Pictures With Passion is taking off!

Today marks the first uploads on Pictures With Passion that are not my own. I would like to thank Photos by Ashley for taking that leap and becoming the website’s first Vendor! Now that we have jumped that first milestone, I would like to encourage more people to follow in her footsteps. Her photos were so beautiful that I began to take down my filler content. I am looking forward to one of the web designers that I have mentioned this site to buy from her.

While my work is not done getting this website where it is well known and people remember it before any other art sales website, I am taking a fifteen minute break to enjoy this moment. If you are wanting to know more about the goal I have for this website and my others, please check out my blog I have worked all night to prepare to market this website, Pictures With Passion, Network Solutions 4 You, and In the cloud Company Web Hosting. I have been writing emails to freelance photographers and website designers/developers. I have been writing blog post to inform my followers at Network Solutions 4 You and more.

Many art sales websites have you to submit your work for review or limit what is art. I didn’t on this website and here is why. I develop websites and I have been dead broke and needed art and photos for a website. One website I needed something for a background picture that had an array of color but didn’t distort the viewers ability reading the website text. The photo I used for the background of the website was a very bright blurry photo of the skyline and some tree tops. That was inspiration to allow people to post what they see as art and try to see it as art as they see it!

As this website gets traffic I am asking that the vendors and customers inform us of flaws, illegal art, and what we can do to make it better. Thank you all and have a blessed week! Remember modern art is not what you think it is, it is more. Still yet, most modern art is yet to come!