Welcome to Pictures With Passion. We Hope You Find Something You Like.

This website is new to all of you, but I hope you find it interesting enough to join as an selling artist or a customer. I am now getting the word out about Pictures With Passion and will be doing that from now on. That is part of running a website. As you visit and hopefully share the link to this our website, we hope you like what you see and even purchase from us. Pictures With Passion was designed as a community effort to sell art while some of the profits go to get the word out.

I will be able to update the blog between April 14-20 of 2021. I will be able to take screen shots then and post a new blog about how to upload and price photos. The main part of the second blog post on this site tells how to do it, but I was using a different layout then. Still it is basically the same, if you have problems you can email me. My email is admin@pictureswithpassion.com and is at the top of the page of the website. Speaking for the small community of artist we have now, we hope that you bookmark our page and return often to see new pictures other artists’ work!

What are the benefits as a selling photographer or artist you ask? We are building a strong community where the Vendors (artists and photographers) get 80% of the sell and the website gets 20% to go to upkeep and advertising. As part of the Vendor community we ask that you share your Pictures With Passion profile on your social media sites to help bring traffic to your work. That way you have your family and friends sharing links to your work. If you have any questions, please ask.

I run another blog, at Network Solutions 4 You so I hope to bring some traffic from it to Pictures With Passion. I pray all of you have a blessed Easter holiday and if you celebrate Easter, please remember the pain and love that brought it about. The resurrection that we must be concerned with is yet to come, but at the same time, not too far away! Have a lovely day and I hope you find it worth a thousand pictures.

Below is the picture of the month!

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