Making Site Changes For The Next Few Days

I apologize for all the layout pages and the site being down. The platform that I developed this site from, WordPress, has made changes and I am trying to keep up. With the new updates some features needed coding changes and so on.

I have fixed the New Password link so you can get into your accounts without me have to personally send you an login password. The Vendor Dashboard can only be viewed if you are logged in. In the last two days there has been almost 500 visitors to the website and sadly it was down much of that time. I will work on, later today, getting new directions up on the blog here to tell how to work the website. I added Social Media links to the website. You can click on them and share a message to your accounts and that will add a link back to the website on your social media account and help you spread the word about your work.

Again I can’t thank all of you enough for your patience as I work the bugs out of the website. I admit that I made mistakes and I have things to learn about working this platform. With that said I will continue to keep my head in the books and strive to keep the website up and running correctly. To be honest I can’t check that all the features work without having to login with another account. So any flaws found you can report to me and I will get on them. All of you have a blessed weekend and I will be back later.

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