The Pictures With Passion Website has a new look!

I have changed things around and made the website ready for the public. I noticed somethings were not working so I fixed them. I apologize for them not working before. I can’t take screen shots from this computer so I can’t show the steps for selling pictures. Truly that has not changed. Just go to Shop Settings and follow the rest of the instructions in the former blog post. You just don’t have the Seller/Vendor dashboard on the front page.

While I hope that you make a lot of money selling your pictures, I mostly pray that you have fun and use this site to display your talent. You can reference your pictures on this site and use it in your portfolio for jobs, school, whatever you want. You have permission to print business cards and promote your work on this site as well.

As of right now I have only made one purchase on the site to make sure the PayPal works and everything is good to go. I will do my best to post and announce when we have our first true sale that is not my picture or me testing the site. Have a blessed week both you and yours!!

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